Office: CC 421 D
Email: jcollins at wtamu dot edu
  • (2010) Ph.D in Mathematics                                         North Carolina State University

  • (2007) M.S. in Applied Mathematics                            North Carolina State University

  • (2005) B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science  James Madison University


Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • (2010-2014) Colorado State University - Under Don Estep and Simon Tavener


Research Interests

My work has focused on computational methods and numerical analysis.  In particular, I focus on a posteriori error estimation applied to finite difference methods and interface problems.  I am also interested in numerical algebraic geometry and am working on the Bertini 2.0 team.  In addition, I am always looking for new areas of mathematics to learn about and collaboration projects where I can apply my current skills and learn new ones.


Teaching Interests

I am interested in active learning techniques.  This includes project based learning and encouraging an interactive classroom.  In addition, I am testing a mastery based assessment technique in my Calculus courses.


Mastery Based Testing Blog 


  • Project NExT Fellow (Gold '14)

  • American Mathematical Society

  • Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics

  • Mathematical Association of America


Grants Awarded
  • WTAMU Faculty Development Award